AI for Healthcare

AI for healthcare-enabling new product innovation and business through AI technology and co-creation

Why AI For Healthcare?

(AI) Artificial Intelligence technologies are helping doctors and hospital personnel in daily work

AI technologies are widely used already today in hospitals to monitor patient status, to detect cancer and to test against infectious diseases. Top Data Science has provided AI technology and services for all these areas of expertise while collaborating with product and diagnostics companies serving the healthcare sector as well as medical service providers.

Example Application Areas

AI for Medical Imaging and Cancer Detection

In a long-term research collaboration with the HUS hospital oncological research group, we developed specialized deep learning algorithms and AI models for analyzing medical imaging data, such as histopathological cancer images, MRI and CT images.

Predicting Organ Dysfunction in ICU

Top Data Science and GE Healthcare collaborated in development of deep learning based AI models to predict and classify high and low risk patients in intensive care units.
Data included vital signs, physiological parameters, laboratory tests, treatment information, drug and medicine information.

Document Analysis for a Regulative Database

Research and creation of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine for a regulative database by using state-of-the-art NLP and Document Retrieval technologies.
Customer is a large international pharma company.

Ischemic Stroke Segmentation from Brain MRI

Top Data Science and DoctorNet Japan (https://dr-net.co.jp/en/) are developing semantic image segmentation algorithms for ischemic brain stroke segmentation from MRI images.



New business through AI based innovation

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Improved competitivess with novel AI based services


Improved service quality and efficiency


Opportunity to extend R&D operations with State-of-the-Art AI

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Top Data Science is a reliable AI partner with proven track record to serve the Healthcare sector



Top Data Science has state-of-the-art AI expertise and agile team that can adapt to different tasks swiftly and provide different technological approaches with explainable results.

Explainable results and approach in healthcare is extremely important, because doctors need to understand how AI comes to its conclusions. We can highly recommend Top Data Science as an AI partner.”


Erno Muuranto
Managing Director, GE Healthcare Finland


Improving Prostate Cancer Detection with Breast Histopathology Images