Aiya for Pulp Production

In the Pulp industry Aiya is used in multiple production lines and mills. End products, whose quality and production has been optimized using Aiya include dissolving pulp, soft and hard wood pulp as well as fluff pulp.

● Typical quality parameters include brightness and viscosity that are followed
throughout the production stages

The high-value of the solution both for the pulp business as well as for the production personnel has been verified through close collaboration with Stora Enso. The development journey included proof-of value and pilots to verify the use cases, and AI feasibility for the optimization problem. The solution is now in use in several mills in Finland and Sweden.

While developing the Aiya solution, the pulp industry professionals were tightly involved in the development process. Aiya includes only needed, specialized application functionality designed to be used by production engineers and operators. The powerful functionality can be used with tablets as the UI design is simplistic, intuitive and yet comprehensive.

Solution benefits for Pulp & Paper


  • In Pulp production the maximum income of the end-product is secured when the product quality targets are met as accurately as possible. Aiya has enabled achieving target product quality up to 97%, improving the former process performance by several percentages.

  • The other key profitability factor is to minimize production costs. With Aiya the use of chemicals is one of the main set of parameters that is continuously optimized resulting in significant cost savings without jeopardizing the product quality. The in-direct cost saving can be achieved from decreased use of energy.

  • Pulp Production is a complex process that includes a vast amount of variables. Different production stages each having its own set of parameters, sensor data and requirement for real-time decision making are setting high expectations to production personnel. A key element that Aiya provides is a new level of process transparency.

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