Aiya – Process Optimization

Aiya Process Optimization Solution is a modular, high-performing AI-based solution that is used to optimize industrial processes by predicting process and production line performance and output.

Most feasible AI / ML technologies are used to model each process stage. The future performance of the process can be simulated and optimized based on historical process data as well as real-time modifications to modeled process parameters.

Aiya solution implementation is modular, customizable and scalable as

  • Each process stage can be optimized using most feasible process parameters and AI / ML algorithms
  • Full process line can be optimized by chaining AI / ML optimized process stages together
  • Optimized process line solutions can be scaled up to factory or mill level production implementations
  • Factory level Aiya implementation can be scaled and customized to new type of product lines and factories

Customer benefits include

  • Minimized costs through optimal usage of raw materials and chemicals as well as production capacity
  • Minimized risks and downtime through improved visibility, transparency and control
  • Optimized product quality through enabled prediction and forecasting of process outputs

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