Aiya - AI for Your Advantage

 Aiya is a state-of-the-art AI solution

for high-performance industrial processes

Solution benefits


  • Aiya enables achieving targeted process output and thus meeting the business requirements with high degree of confidence
    • Improved ability to predict and control the production processes
    • Aiya enables minimizing the usage of raw
      material and chemicals


    • Improved planning and operative working
    • Aiya enables minimizing the usage of raw
      material and chemicals
    • Improved planning and operative working

    Key Functionalities

    Optimization of the process output

    The production personnel need to steer the process and production lines so that the target product quality is met as accurately as possible. Currently this is done by measuring the quality by samples, which is done based on either the past process outcome or the current situation. These measures are used when the future quality is predicted and steered based on the operators’ experience.

    • Aiya enables predictions based on learning from historical data
    • Aiya learning is based on AI modelling of how the process output is determined by operating the process parameters that could be e.g. chemicals, temperature and pressure
    • Aiya is able to analyze and visualize how the key parameters will affect the process output in the future
    • Aiya is also able to suggest the optimal configuration as requested

    Optimizing the use of chemicals and raw materials

    Taking into account the target quality and the given production configuration Aiya is able to
    minimize the amount of chemicals needed to achieve production targets.

    Simulations to predict performance of different production configurations

    Aiya enables users to virtually modify process parameters and run simulations to create different production scenarios. Operators can use this to consider different choices and for making decisions on how the production is run. Different configuration setups can be stored for future usage.

    Advisory tool to guide the daily operations

    Engineers and operators can provide instructions to colleagues or contractors for their work. The instructions are created by utilizing Aiya application functionality e.g. for predicting and simulations, and can include any process relevant information.

    End-user profiles




    Engineers use Aiya for planning the production and how the process should be operated in order to achieve business targets. They utilize the visible information about historical process performance and current status of the process in each stage.



    Operators use Aiya continuously as it enables easy-to-access, intuitive and real time view of the whole production process. With Aiya the operators can be more secure that the process is performing as planned.

    Solution Framework and Architecture


    Aiya’s solution framework consists of AI / ML technology components, business logic and application functionality modules, and a versatile set of interface services.

    Modularity is designed throughout the framework, enabling high level of flexibility in selecting the most high-performing AI / ML algorithms for each specific optimization task. This also allows integrating Aiya with any amount of sensors needed for production optimization.

    Application functionality can be fine-tuned for different industries and user profiles.

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