AI for industries

Enabling transforming business practices across industries with AI

Transformative AI solutions for multiple industries

Top Data Science co-creation collaboration model has enabled us to serve multiple industries with innovative AI solutions. Verified automation best practices can be transitioned across the industries and technology platforms.


Company success in automotive, electronics and machinery industries is measured by high quality, cost-efficiency and readiness to respond to market demand changes. AI based automation is a natural choice to improve companies performance in all these areas due its 24/7 performance, high precision, configurability and scalability. Top Data Science AI solutions and services have helped our customers to achieve significant gains through more automated manufacturing.

Use cases:

  • Automated quality inspections
  • Automated dimension measurements
  • AI based safety procedures
  • Computer vision based defect detection
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AI technology has been used in the Healthcare industry for many years. In medical imaging the technology has been successfully utilized for cancer detection without jeopardizing the reliability of the medical diagnosis. In the global fight against Covid-19 AI technologies have been used in different forms due to its feasibility for wide-scale diagnostic use cases.

Top Data Science is a trusted and flexible AI partner for healthcare technology companies, academic research groups and startups.

Use cases:

  • Covid-19 high-throughput AI based testing
  • Cancer detection
  • AI based cognitive diagnostics
  • Automated patient and disease analytics
  • Regulatory approval analytics

Public sector

Smart city is a term that covers many aspects of modern society from engaging people to city activities to enable a more functional living environment through smart technologies. AI is an excellent tool to improve both citizen & authority interaction, detecting risks in traffic to improve safety and analyzing the condition of critical infrastructure. Top Data Science Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications have enabled our customers to significantly improve their operative performance and customer service, as well as to reduce safety risks.

Use cases:

  • Traffic monitoring and analytics
  • Citizen feedback & communication service
  • Human activity detection & analytics
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Biotech & Pharmaceuticals 

In drug manufacturing industry the standards for reliability and credibility of the production are very high. At the same time the innovation in R&D is continuous to seek solutions in ever increasing pace. Same kind of dynamics can be identfied from enzyme production and fermentation industries. Top Data Science AI applications have been used to further improve the quality procedures in drug and tablet manufacturing. Our AI technology has helped our customers to maximize production yield and optimize production processes.

Use cases:

  • Drug and tablet quality assurance
  • Fermentation production optimization
  • Enzyme production optimization

Biomaterials & Renewables

Biomaterials and renewables industry has been transforming itself over the past decade as a response to higher sustainability requirements by society. Optimized use of raw materials and chemicals are key elements in improving e.g. pulp production process efficiency, and at the same time meeting the high quality standards of the market. Industry forerunner companies are also using AI and machine vision automation to improve their operative efficiency. Top Data Science IoT and data driven AI and Computer Vision solutions enable our customers to meet their business, operative and sustainability targets.

Use cases:

  • AI based process optimization
  • Chemical usage optimization
  • Price and demand prediction
  • Factory and process automation