Smart Search & Document Intelligence

Our Smart Search and Document Intelligence solutions provide customers with advanced tools for finding and retrieving information from various data sources.

Data can be practically in any format and stored in various ways from data lakes and warehouses to directories and file systems.  Our consultative approach will enable setting up a scalable solution framework for AI-based customized search and document intelligence.

The power of combining Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision

  • Our Smart Search and Document Intelligence solutions are built on our deep learning driven NLP and NLU know-how. These technologies enable utilization of both semantic and contextual information for re-structuring the data storages, and building up high-performance search functionalities.
  • NLP-based search applications are complemented with Computer Vision capabilities, like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to extract and search textual data from image and video documents.

  • Machine Learning algorithms behind our smart search employ active learning to enable continuous improvement of search results based on user feedback.

Customer benefits include

  • Building up indexed document archives which contain only those documents that are relevant for the business. This results in significant time savings and less errors as decision making is based on correct and up-to-date information.

  • Extremely fast information retrieval minimizing the required time to sub-seconds or seconds
  • Ability to find textual / contextual information from images makes finding information more versatile and flexible

  • Enabling the whole organization to continuously improve the speed of information retrieval through active learning

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