AI Development Projects


AI Development Projects

The development project is an activity in which the customer’s problem and business need is transformed into a pre-defined AI-based deliverable. The deliverable may vary from AI studies and proofs-of-concept to production-grade software solutions. A key success factor is that the project scope and objectives are well-defined in the beginning and that the success is evaluated at the end based on agreed deliverables and related metrics.

Project Content

AI development project commonly includes the following components:

  • Problem statement
  • Industry and process description and dynamics
  • The technology approach
  • Data
  • IT environment
  • Project plan and schedule
  • Deliverables
  • Collaboration and tools

The Top Data Science team has an excellent set of development competences and best practices, as well as AI-based capabilities to provide high-quality services and deliverables for its customers.

Please visit the Work section to explore examples of our AI development projects and related deliverables.



“In Top Data Science we have found a partner who understands how global companies operate and what they need. They have demonstrated excellent execution and delivered results. For me, this was a perfect match – excellence in AI computer vision met with excellence in mechatronics.”


Tobias Leisgang
Director Innovation Management, Brose Group



Well-planned, professional, and flexible collaboration project that delivers the desired outcomes and deliverables with high-quality


Development partnership that takes into account your organization’s state in utilizing AI technologies


Project outcomes that are always designed to enable the successful continuation of your AI-based digitalization and business development

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