Our consultancy services offer assistance to any AI technology and software application-related problems or needs that the organization may have. AI technology may have been tested and used for some time, but its performance has degraded, or it is not working according to expectations. Alternatively, a software application’s functionality may have been extended with an AI component, but the AI component is not providing correct results. Finally, the organization may have identified an interesting open-source or platform AI technology but may lack a clear path forward for implementation. In such scenarios, our consultancy services can provide instant value and expert guidance.


Our consultancy services offer the flexibility to get help to any AI technology and software application related problem or need that the organization has.

Practical examples of consultancy services delivered include:

  • Evaluating a computer vision model performance and making recommendations on how to improve the data & machine learning approach to achieve desired performance results
  • Creating an application design and simplistic development plan on how to integrate an annotation tool to an existing solution
  • Making an assessment and proposal on how a cloud based solution could be taken to edge environment cost efficiently
  • Optimizing a model performance to meet with tight operating environment and inference speed requirements

We are eager to help you with your AI-related needs and problems. Due to our collective team knowhow and customer collaboration experience, we can provide help to your situation quickly and cost-effectively.

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Supporting customers with data science expertise

Some of our larger customers have data scientists who work on specialized analytics or automation projects. When these customers need to improve the detection or classification accuracy of a computer vision model, or optimize the model’s inference for a challenging deployment environment, our deep expertise in AI and machine learning has proven invaluable in delivering high value to our clients.



Professional and flexible help in AI-related business problems


Support in improving the performance of existing AI solutions or service


Support in optimizing how AI could be utilized effectively in different operating environments


Support in understanding AI technology integration requirements and help in identifying key issues



“Top data science has demonstrated very good AI competence and also very flexible attitude in our cooperation during these PoCs. They have the right attitude to working together with customers for problem solving with AI. Also their team is very easy to work with. I’d warmly recommend them.”


Rashmi Kasat
VP, Head of Digital Business Development, Digital Garage, Metso:Outotec