Deployment, Operations And Support


Deployment, Operations And Support

The primary objective of using AI technologies in a solution-oriented context is that the developed solution can be deployed in a production environment. This is the moment when the expected Return on Investment starts to materialize. In many cases, successful deployment of the AI-based solution to one operative site is only a sub-objective, with the real objective being to roll out the new, more automated way-of-working across the business operations. To achieve these objectives, we have established service practices related to deployment, operations, and support.

AI technology areas that we are happy to share insights include:


Deploying AI-based solutions has unique characteristics due to the nature of data-driven technologies. The topics to take into account may include:

  • The deployment environments and their characteristics (selected platform, cloud, edge, on-device…)
  • Data pipelines and integration per each local deployment
  • Performance metrics and related constraints and enablers
  • Data and application security
  • Data, model and application versioning

The Top Data Science team has a strong track record in deploying AI-based solutions to different customer environments containing both advanced AI and software application functionalities.


Implementing well-defined operational practices is required when an AI-based solution has been deployed in production, and it is continuously serving its users and executing its role as part of an automated process. Support for the entire solution lifecycle has to be considered, when designing these practices, with a focus on data, AI, and software application perspectives. The themes relating to operating AI-based services include:

  • Data and model versioning
  • Model re-training pipeline
  • Performance metrics and diagnostics
  • Orchestration of upgrades

We provide operational services as part of the service suite that enables our customers to continuously derive value through delivered solutions. The level of operations and related SLAs are agreed upon based on business needs and we operate AI-based solutions both in customer IT environments and as hosted services.

Support and Maintenance

The Support and Maintenance service is a critical aspect of customer collaboration, especially when an organization relies on a solution or AI-based service on a daily basis. The primary goal is to ensure that the provided solution works as expected and that the customer receives support in the event of any issue. Key elements of our Support & Maintenance service are:

  • Readiness to provide 1st and 2nd line support services based on customer preferences
  • Flexibility in agreeing on the service hours and SLAs
  • Extensive know-how covering AI, data, application, and IT environments

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