Business and Production Optimization


Process and Production Optimization

From history and real-time data to future predictions and optimal process performance

Top Data Science AI and software technology know-how enable the development of configurable, reliable, and scalable optimization solutions for a wide range of industries. In each case, the optimization problem and business objectives are studied to select the right optimization method and solution concept. Our services enable high flexibility in how the solution is built so that each service deliverable provides value to the customer. The end result can be an easy-to-use application or an optimization service to be used together with an existing system.

Quality Advisor technology for pulp and board production

Utilization of historical process data and usage of IoT sensors in capturing the status of pulp and board production processes are cornerstones for AI based optimization. By utilizing deep learning models in predicting and simulating the process performance in the future, right operative actions can be made with high certainty to achieve set business goals.

  • The solution framework is highly modular and configurable enabling optimization for different pulp end-products, both in cloud and edge environments.
  • The configurability and customizability enables supporting different production dynamics in a cost-efficient manner. As an example frequent changing of end-products is supported through advanced modeling and application functionality, which is critical for board production.



Improved profitability through optimized production and quality

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Improved predictability, transparency and process control


Improved sustainability of the operations through e.g. optimal use of raw materials and chemicals

Business Optimization

Improved financial performance through optimized production

AI-based and mathematical optimization methodologies are extremely powerful tools to build solutions that provide optimal production scenarios in complex business environments. The approach and method has to cope with changes in market demands and customer behavior, as well as different constraints in raw materials, production lines and resources. Top Data Science technology capabilities enable creation of easy-to-use and robust optimization solutions to support data-driven decision making. The applications are always highly configurable to enable instant responses to market changes and operative constraints.



Improved profitability through optimal

  • Order fulfillment
  • Use of production capacity, raw materials and resources
  • Fast response to market changes and operative constraints
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Improved sustainability through optimized production


Improve business governance through data-driven decision-making

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