Consultative services that bring the power of AI to your business

Top Data Science service portfolio is designed to help organizations and individuals, regardless of their level of AI technology adoption

Our consultative service approach starts with sharing insights into the latest AI advancements and leads up to providing guidance on the best practices for operating and maintaining AI-based solutions. The core of our philosophy lies in capturing the essence of each customer problem and value driver. This approach enables us to identify the most effective path forward for advancing their organization with the support of our services.

Select the right starting point based on your needs

AI Insights

Sharing key insights on the latest AI technology developments relevant to your organization.

Identifying Automation Potential & Selecting the Right Approach

Our expertise at your service to formulate the business problem, quantify the value and select the right path forward.

Data Assessment

Profound data analysis and practical recommendations to secure successful AI utilization.

AI Development Projects

Development projects that transform the customer’s problem and business need into a pre-defined AI-based deliverable.

Deployment, Operations And Support

Services that enable you to scale AI-based value creation across the organization and to secure fluent continuous use of the technology in your business.


Flexible high-quality services to help you with any AI-related problem or business need.



“It’s a pleasure to work with Top Data Science. Their people are always showing a great commitment, interest and eager to dive into the domain processes to apply their expert knowledge in the AI/ML arena in the best way.”


Mats Axelsson
IT Business Partner, Stora Enso Biomaterial



Well planned

Experience and best practices used to select the optimal service approach

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Efficient and effective

Capabilities and know-how supporting effective service provision


Transparent and flexible

Customer orientation with transparent communication and agile collaboration model


Targeted outcomes and deliverables

Proven ability to deliver what is promised