Identifying Automation Potential & Selecting the Right Approach


Identifying Automation Potential & Selecting the Right Approach

When an organization identifies a business problem or opportunity to improve its current operations using AI technologies, it can be challenging to know how to proceed. The uncertainty can stem from not knowing how to define the use case(s) for effective use of data-driven technology, or how to choose the optimal AI approach that will provide the best Return on Investment (ROI). Answering these key questions can help the organization complement the related business case calculations and establish a roadmap towards an AI-supported way of working.

Identifying the Business Problem and Value

At Top Data Science, we have extensive expertise across a range of industries and well-established collaboration methods to help our customers in identifying, formulating, and documenting their business problems and related use cases. This work takes into account the requirements of AI-based and data-driven technology and solution development. Through this process, we capture the customer’s domain and process knowledge to use case definitions that consist of

  • Business objectives and KPIs
  • Problem definition
  • Stakeholders and interest groups
  • Enablers and obstacles
  • Target workflow through AI-based approach
  • Target operative environment

During this definition work, our customer is provided with industry-and problem-specific insights and example best practices that help the participants to form an idea of how data-driven automation could be utilized.

Selecting the Right Approach

Selecting the right approach to begin moving towards AI-based automation or other data-driven ways of working can be a challenging task. It requires a deep understanding of the most powerful available technologies, as well as insight and experience in how AI technology can be used to address specific business problems. To determine the optimal approach, several key factors must be considered, such as:

  • The type of data and whether a data assessment is required to establish readiness for AI development project
  • The AI performance metrics driven by the use case
  • The users that will benefit from AI
  • The deployment environment, e.g. cloud, edge, embedded or hosted service
  • The overall readiness to develop a solution

At Top Data Science, our experienced team has extensive knowledge and a range of best practices to assist customers in selecting the most appropriate approach for their needs. This support can take various forms, including continuing collaboration with our team or through recommendations that will be provided as a key deliverable by the end of this service activity.

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The business problem and use cases are defined and documented taking into account the potential utilization of AI


Support for quantifying the value of AI and finalization of the business case


Insights and practical recommendations on what AI technology and development approach would be optimal for you


Shared best practices that relate to your industry, business problem and AI utilization stage