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Our AI co-creation model empowers our clients as leaders in their fields by delivering early and competitive advantage.

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Our transparent and explainable AI solutions help our clients to solve hard problems to add significant value to their business. Get started with AI, extend your existing data science teams or let’s co-create AI technologies as partners with a flexible business model.

Flexible partner

We offer flexible co-creation, consulting or partnership business models with IPR sharing or transfer to our clients.

Scientific approach

We apply state-of-the-art AI for multi-modal data with computer vision, time-series predictions and text analytics.

Cloud & Edge

Our solutions and technologies can run on cloud, on-premise and on edge with inference engines.

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Use cases

We develop and apply state-of-the-art AI so that you can use it easily and with early and fast competitive advantage.


Support Doctors in early diagnosis of cancer with medical images such as MRI, CT, Histopathological images, X-ray . Efficiently predict patient conditions and deterioration.

Smart Manufacturing

Predict, reveal and simulate the optimal setups for your process to maximize the production and quality.

Computer Vision

Self driving vehicles, human activity detection, damage identification, access control, object detection, video analytics.

Drug Discovery

Bring more sensitive and targeted scanning of biological molecules for your novel drugs.

Price forecasting

Get better insights on prices, trends and market dynamics to support management in making strategic actions and decisions.

Problem solver

Scientific and practical problem solving approach including pre-research, working demos and digital proof-of-concepts.

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We have done over 60 successful AI projects in 7 countries in various industries. We are happy to tell you more about what we can do for your business.

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Our methodology drives a strategic process that helps organizations identify and design an AI roadmap to drive significant impact on our customers business.

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