Application Frameworks


Specialized Application Frameworks

Frameworks for computer vision, optimization, and decision-making support

Our technology frameworks are designed to boost the development of computer vision applications, business and process optimization as well as to enable the creation of end-to-end decision automation flows.

Common Design Philosophy

  • Combining seamlessly AI and software application technologies to support industrial use cases
  • High-level of modularity and configurability to support the reuse of technology components and flexibility in customized solution development
  • Data and process flow built into the service concept from input data storages and streams to decision making support.

Computer Vision Framework

A typical computer vision project usually includes a similar set of building blocks, such as:

  • Data collection
  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning and data quality assessment
  • Model selection, training and parameter tuning
  • Evaluation
  • Error analysis

With performing these tasks repeatedly comes a natural desire to streamline the process. Our computer vision framework allows us to reuse the building blocks and assemble a solution serving a specific need within weeks or even days. The modularity of the blocks and well-designed interface allows us to integrate seamlessly with either client’s systems or our own applications.

Key Characteristics of our Application Frameworks

Platform Independence

Majority of companies have chosen their primary cloud technology platform that they are using to drive forward their digitalization efforts. Our application frameworks are platform-independent and they have been used in applications in Windows on Edge, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, on-premise computing resources as well as local environments.

Industry Specialization & Abstraction

The abstraction of our application frameworks enables us to execute proof-of-concepts experiments without starting the implementation from scratch. The frameworks are designed to support flexible customization for different industries and customer use cases.

Carefully Engineered Data Processing

Our application frameworks have been proven to provide high-quality support for

  • Data collection and validation from both hot and cold data sources
  • Layers for data processing and transformations
  • Measures to ensure the security and privacy of data
  • Scaling the application usage to multiple sites


The advanced support for data standardisation, open-source communication, API interfaces as well as containerization enable us to provide services that are interoperable and communicate fluently with other services and interfaces.

Scalability supported to boost value creation

The value of new technology services and solutions will materialize when the new improved business practice and way-of-working are taken into production and utilized extensively. To achieve this the technology solution has to be robust and reliable, and the solution architecture has to be designed to scale.

Top Data Science application frameworks enable solution deployments to cloud and edge environments and they can be deployed to the most common IT platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google. Our frameworks support scaling from AI and solution life-cycle perspective as well as extending the value creation to multiple operative sites.


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Efficient and flexible solution development enabling fast ROI


Ability to utilize best practices from other industries

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Proven technology components to secure successful AI utilization


Optimal combination of utilizing generic cloud platforms and specialized AI technologies

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