Morpho Inc Acquires Majority Share Of Top Data Science Ltd.



Morpho, Inc. (Morpho), a global leader in image processing solutions and imaging AI solutions, has acquired majority stake of Top Data Science Ltd. (TDS), making its subsidiary of Morpho. 

Timo Heikkinen, TDS’s former CEO & Co-founder, said: “Morpho has the market-leading image processing software portfolio with over 2,5 billion software licenses sold since 2004. Combination of Morpho’s superior product development, licensing and customer support expertise will give us an opportunity to fuel our fast growth and support our existing customers and global product usage. We have been successfully working together since 2017 in the area of AI and computer vision. First AI-based joint product, Pose Estimator was released earlier 2018. We are developing the next exciting AI-based products. Thus, this acquisition was a natural step in our close collaboration”

TDS  and Morpho continue collaborating in R&D projects to develop novel algorithms that satisfy the needs of a wide range of users, while globally expanding the product lineup that combines cutting-edge technology from both companies. Before the acquisition, TDS has formed a strategic alliance with Morpho. The intention of this alliance was to pursue faster growth by combining the strengths of both companies. This collaboration resulted in the launch of “Pose Estimator™”, a Deep Learning product that can detect and estimate human or object poses in digital images, in May 2018.

“This acquisition further strengthens the collaboration between Morpho and TDS. Consequently, we can combine Morpho’s cutting-edge technology in Image Processing and Deep Learning with TDS’s R&D skills in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, to create high performance, high-quality computer vision solutions that cater to a wider range of industry needs. We expect our collaboration to energize innovation and accelerate commercialization in both companies.”, said Masaki Hiraga, President of Morpho.


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