Siemens And TDS Announce Collaboration In AI For Bio-Based Industrial Processes



In the forestry industry, operating the production lines in an optimal way is a prominent challenge. Operators need to take numerous parameters and metrics into account including product quality, waste management, and customer satisfaction while running the production. Siemens and Top Data Science are starting a collaboration in AI for Industrial IoT for aiding the optimization of bio-based industrial processes.

We are proud to be announced the winner of Bio-based Industrial IoT Challenge, jointly organized by Spinverse and Siemens. Our solution can utilize the sensor data from the production lines, build a predictive machine learning model of the system and recommend optimal settings to run the whole process. Being validated in real use by several large corporations, our solution can also run as a microservice on Siemens IoT platform, MindSphere.

For further information, please have a look at these addresses below:

Siemens Finland: Link

Spinverse: Link

Digital Fiber Initiative: Link

Read the press release in English: Link

Read the press release in Finnish: Link

Written by Oguzhan Gencoglu & Linh Bui

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