Talk with an AI expert: How to scale AI solutions

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What will we cover in the workshop?

In this workshop, you will have a 45-minute meeting with one of our renowned AI experts to analyze your automation challenge and help you to develop and deploy reliable and scalable AI solutions.

On top of that, you will learn:


What is required from data and IT infrastructure in order to scale an AI solution

In this section, we will cater all the necessary tools and technologies you will need to scale your AI solution.


What competencies are needed from the organization

Here we will touch upon what competencies are needed from your organization to succeed in this field.


How to develop, maintain and operate an AI solution in production

In this part, we will discuss and look at practices and procedures, such as the ML Ops life cycle model, that help you in developing, operating and maintaining AI solutions.


How to match demanding business and operative requirements with the right AI approach and technologies

In this section, we will cater the need for collaboration between domain experts and AI experts in order to achieve business results through AI based automation.

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